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Water Carrier

 Rough Cut: Six Lessons in Movement Intelligence
Ruthy Alon

English Voiceover: Suzanne Toren / Musical Underscoring: Bob Schlesinger
  Rooftop Wrap (6:08)
“The Wrap — A Loan of Uprightness”


  Freeing the Neck (4:09)
“Free your Neck — Proportional Flexibility”


  Effortless Sitting (4:32)
“Sitting — Spontaneous Uprightness”


  Softening Knees (6:02)
“Knees — Restoring the Spring in your Step”


  Running at a Table (3:20)
“Awaken your Posture — Reversed Running”


  Bouncing on the Roof (7:55)
“Bouncing on the Heels — Pulsations Build Bones”


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Clips from the original videos, in Hebrew


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