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 Ruthy Alon, FMI Founder,
teaching a Bones for Life® class
in New York City, 2007

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Seattle 2005 Didactic
BFL Intro by Chrish Kresge

International Videos
Spiraling to the Floor

BFL & MS (Australia)
Learning to Fall (Korea)
Falling Lesson [in Dutch]
On a Horse (Germany)
On Chairs [in Italian]
BFL Chile [TV report in Spanish]
WFL/BFL Uruguay [Interview in Spanish]



 Movement Nature Meant
Spiraling up to Sit


Safe Backward Arching


Primal Swimming
Rejuvenating Explorations


Ruthy Alon

Ruthy Alon interviewed about her Bones for Life® program
by Dalik Volinitz on Israeli educational TV

[Sept 24, 2009; in Hebrew]

Download English Transcript


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