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“I have nothing against the many labor-saving devices and inventions that have come into our lives. I only regret that this means we tend to use our bodies in limited, mechanical ways: we stiffen ourselves, and move only one body part at a time.
“Movement Intelligence uses sensory guided movement to improve the interdependent relationship among all the many moving parts of the body, ensuring a healthy division of labor.
“No human being need deteriorate prematurely. If you do not move well, then life in general will be a difficult struggle, rather than rewarding, pleasurable, and beautiful.”

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Body Technology for the Information Age
Your source for hundreds of inventive, quick-acting,
do-it-yourself, self-care shortcuts to streamline posture & movement
and promote awareness, ergonomic mastery, and biological optimism

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“Ruthy magnifies Evolution’s gifts to us!”
                                  — Tatsy Guild, Pioneer Trainer
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